About Us


I'm Charity and I am a 24-year-old living in Reading, UK. Palm Honey was born in the summer of 2020 (mid pandemic!) to give me something to keep me busy and to help me get over the fact that my little sister no longer wanted to take fashion advice from me...

My little sister was born in 2007 when I was 11-years-old. She was born on Christmas Eve at 11.58pm and I was allowed to help pick names - we settled on Amelie Martha Tinsel (no prizes for guessing which part of her name 11-year-old Charity chose…).  Our big age gap resulted in me becoming a mini-mum without any of the responsibility attached. I loved every minute I spent with this crazy little mini me and I adored this new built-in best friend I now had. In the holidays we would take the bus to town to buy cheap clothes from Primark, then dress up in all sorts of outfits at home to do a living room fashion show for my Mum. Sometimes I would buy Am identical clothes to me so we would match and I'd spend SO much money on buying her the coolest trainers and shoes!

Recently however, this has all changed... Amelie is now 13; in Year 8 (too cool to spend time with her 24-year-old sister); and a strong-minded, determined little lady. She no longer accepts my offers to go shopping, let alone help to pick clothes! She has the most wicked and unique fashion sense (some of which I secretly take responsibility for), but I miss finding and putting together unique and stylish outfits for my little mini-me to wear.

Thus, in the middle of a pandemic, whilst working in a secondary school (and in-between baking multiple banana breads and attempting horrendous TikToks!), I decided to start my own little business, sourcing clothes for little ones that were unique, stylish, beautifully made and of incredibly quality. From my Mum's living room Palm Honey was born - named after a sweet syrup I loved all over my pancakes (and baked potatoes - weirdo) as a child. Amelie still helps me to pick out items and puts together bits for my Instagram - she's a proper little boss lady. My partner Lewis is also now my designated post man and he is on first name terms with Dawn from our local post office! 

My future vision for Palm Honey is to create a wonderful community of strong and empowered parents and carers, developing a brand that takes the whole family into consideration. I recognise from watching Amelie grow that every moment in your child's life is a milestone for your family. Watching them grow and being present in those moments is the most exhilarating and important thing. We want to be there with you through the first time they grab your finger; through the sleep deprivation; to their first laugh or word; all the way through to them starting school. I would love to empower parents with knowledge, whilst supplying beautiful, unique and fashionable clothes for your little ones in these times. 

Additionally, I know how important the work of charities are. The Rainbow Collection is one I have created to hopefully support the work these charities do. Sands UK a charity that means a great deal to me and the fact that I can support them doing something I love is amazing. My future goal is to be able to support lots different charities and if you have any close to your heart please feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me at palmhoneykids@gmail.com as I would love to be able to help!

Lots and lots of love has gone into Palm Honey so thank you so much for your unwavering support - every like, comment, message or order means the absolute world to me! 

love, Charity x 


Me and Am in matching Christmas PJs and Red Puffers that I bought her for her 10th Birthday...
Hi, this is me!!!